Garming Marine Products (International) Company Limited, a subsidiary of Sunwah Group, have been operating in Hong Kong for over 30years. Apart from providing top-rated frozen seafood products to local restaurant chains, hotels’ catering, and many other kinds of restaurants, developing different range of new products is also one of the main goals of Garming Marine Products. We aimed to become multiple frozen food supplier.

Our Brand

Ice Diamond- Our premium products line, all products are either MSC / ACS certified or verified by blockchain verification.

Pacific Pearl – Another top-quality products’ line, it offers our customers the extraordinary flavor from the ocean.

Ice Diamond- Our private label for our premium products. Under this label, sources and qualities of the products are strictly selected and closely monitored by our experienced procurement team; highly regarded by several top class Chinese restaurants and five hotels in Hong Kong. 


In addition, under Ice Diamond, the Gold Label is specially designed for our retail products. With the Gold Label, products are all MSC/ ASC certified or verified by the blockchain verification system, in order to provide the premium and sustainable seafood products to our customers. 

Our company has obtained the following types of “Restricted Food Permit”:

Prepackaged Oysters to be Eaten in Raw State

03 93 801431

Frozen Confections sold in Manufacturers’ Cups and Wrappers

03 93 801422

Prepackaged Chilled and Frozen Shell Fish

03 93 801398

Prepackaged Sushi and Sashimi

03 93 801440

Prepackaged Chilled and Frozen Meat

03 93 801459

Prepackaged Chilled and Frozen Fish

03 93 801404

Prepackaged Frozen and Imported Chilled Poultry

03 93 801413